All of our volunteers are regular people, just like yourself, who are willing to share their time and talent by joining our All-STAR Team!

To become an All-STAR (Serve-Trained-And-Ready), we have developed a pathway to assist you.

Step 1: Application - Volunteer Interest Form

Start by filling out the Volunteer Interest Form to let us know that you want to serve.

Volunteer Interest Form

Step 2: Assessments - Find Your S.H.A.P.E.

Once we receive your Volunteer Interest Form we will send you an invite to participate in a short series of assessments that will help you dive deeper into how God has uniquely designed and shaped you for ministry.

STEP 3: All-Clear Background Check

In order to provide safe environments for everyone, background checks are requested for all volunteers, ages 18+. A background check is required if you are serving in a leadership role or volunteering in one of our children or student ministries. (We do not screen for motor vehicle reports or credit history.)

Step 4: All-STAR Coaching Session

Lastly, we'll invite you to a personalized coaching consultation where you'll get a deeper understanding of your unique design and what that means for you. Once you begin to understand who God made you to be, it will help you discover what He's called you to do. We believe God has a purpose for everyone!

Island All-STAR Team

If you've completed all four steps on the Join The Team Pathway, you are now one of our All-STARs! Welcome to the team!

If you need assistance or have questions please email us or call 631-822-3000. 

We look forward to connecting with you!