What is ALPHA?

The ALPHA conversation is an introduction to the Christian faith. ALPHA is a series of conversations about things we all question in life: Why do bad things happen to good people? What's the purpose of life? What's next?

It is a safe place to ask questions about the meaning of life and about God.

Who is ALPHA for?

ALPHA is for everyone who is willing to have an honest conversation. No matter your background, history, or beliefs you are welcome. If you're looking for a judgment-free space to ask hard questions and share your own opinion, there's a place for you.




Our ALPHA conversations at Island Christian Church will be held on Tuesday evenings starting back up September, 2024, at 7 PM.

We will meet over 11 weeks for a brief teaching, followed by discussion. All sessions start with a meal, providing a time to connect and build friendships.

There is no charge to attend, and anyone can come!

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Questions? Email us or call (631) 822-3000.