We seek to have global impact by spreading the love and teaching of Jesus around the world. We establish enduring partnerships with local ministries and pastors with a track record of effective-ness in their communities. Our commitment is to empower partners with local knowledge to share Jesus' message in diverse settings.


We focus on nurturing the well-being of children and fostering intentional leadership development. This enduring investment pursues a legacy that transcends generations, imprinting hope and transformation across the globe.


All of these ministries are supported by donations to our Missions Fund. We invite you to give to missions, pray for these vital partners, and consider going on future trips to support our global impact partners.




Messiah’s Outreach


Pastor Paul Sandberg of Messiah’s Outreach is our major global partner as we cultivate a healthy approach to missionary work including: proper relationships, solid doctrinal teaching, humanitarian help, practical assistance, funding projects, and financial accountability. Many teams from our congregation have served with Messiah’s Outreach on short term trips, as well as long term service in foreign countries.




Villa Esperanza in Managua, Nicaragua has been a key partner for more than 18 years, working with directors Wilbert and Gloria and fostering deep connections. We have established a scholarship fund for over 200 students, a sports evangelism program for at-risk boys, and outreach to the elderly and people with special needs. Additionally, we partner to offer teacher training and seminary-level pastor training in Nicaragua.




January 2024

Our longstanding Nicaraguan missionaries, Wilbert, Gloria and their children are dealing with serious health issues and ministry challenges. We are all called to carry our own load in life. But as we are reminded in Galatians 6:2, we are called to carry one another's burdens and in this way we fulfill the law of Christ. Gloria and Wilbert’s burden extend beyond a "normal load" and they covet our prayers.

Please lift them up in prayer:


For the proper diagnosis, care and treatment plan as follows:

  • Gloria has severe back pain
  • Wilbert’s diabetes/liver issues along with thrombosis in 1 leg has confined him to a wheelchair

  • Naomi’s post-surgical rehabilitation for digestive system function improvement and ability to walk

  • Jacob has autism and is enrolling in the university, that he will adjust to the new surroundings/routine


For God to develop and create new strategy, opportunities, and sponsors for their ministry programs:

  • Boys/girls outreach and educational scholarship programs
  • Boys discipleship/sports camps
  • Students of the VIDA program
  • Elderly care programs
  • Children-with-disabilities programs



Rafael and Mary Restrepo, our global partners for 35+ years, have Island Christian as their sending church and we remain deeply engaged in their ministry. The Restrepos are skilled church planters overseeing four distinct ministries: an English-speaking church, a Dutch-speaking church, a Spanish-speaking church, and "Against Human Trafficking" (AHT) combating human trafficking. In 2021, we proudly supported the construction of a permanent home for the three churches.




The Nepali Discipleship Training Center west of Katmandu has been an active partner for more than a decade. Our teams have aided school repairs, brought earthquake relief, and built homes for orphans and churches. We’ve also helped establish a widespread pastor training program. Ongoing support sustains the Discipleship Training Center's vital work.


December 2023

Sabin, our devoted missionary in Nepal, passionately spreads the Gospel, constructing churches, mentoring pastors, and mobilizing outreach teams to the country's remotest corners. Beyond bricks and mortar, he cultivates a foundation of faith in communities seeking something more. His hands-on involvement in church planting breathes life into the Nepalese soil, fostering communities bound by a shared devotion. He is a beacon of guidance for emerging pastors, investing his time to impart wisdom and nurture the next generation of spiritual leaders. His commitment to education and training forms a web that connects these pastors, creating a network of resilience against the challenges they face.



Our journey in Cuban ministry began in 1997, and since 2002, we've been steadfast in sending teams and supporting Cuban pastors and our partners, Jose and Dian Avila. We provide financial aid to 12 pastors, contribute to construction projects, fund church repairs and renovations, and support children's ministry. These basic renovations set the stage for a robust seminary program, empowering leaders with top-notch training.


Estonia  Linden & Janice Viinalass

Philippines  Annie Acero

Kenya  Daystar University

Ministry to the Middle East  J & K

D.O.O.R. International Cindy Knakal