Our School is More Than ABCs and 123s

We teach your children social skills, character development, and Bible curriculum. We bring their faith alive!

In addition to our awesome regular curriculum, we hone in on some specific Kindergarten-readiness skills with our 4 year old class. We believe preparing them for Kindergarten will help them to not only succeed, but to look forward to this next big step in their development! Here is an overview of what you can expect your child to learn during their time with us.

We like to say our curriculum is
based on the ‘SPICES‘ of life:


The children learn to interact through play, music, circle time, and snack time. Our Social Skills curriculum includes learning how to share, cooperate, wait your turn and show kindness, just to name a few.


There are lots of opportunities each day for indoor and outdoor play. Children practice small and large motor development during outdoor play in our own fully-fenced backyard playground, music & movement with Tots Music, gymnastics with our own Miss Nancy D, and intro to sports programs with My Gym of Huntington.
All on-campus!


Not only are basic skills are covered; like colors, shapes, counting, and the alphabet, we also dig a bit deeper with the kids and teach them intro to reading and writing and listening skills. We love to engage them with exciting and educational on-campus ‘field trips’ throughout the school year. We are visited by the fire department, police officers, a dentist, Sweet Briar Animal Sanctuary, Huntington Art League, and Dancing feet, to name a few!


We offer daily arts & crafts. This is where the children can really try out their fine motor and spatial reasoning skills! We use various mediums like paint, chalk, crayon to let the little ones express their individual creativity.


We encourage the children to become more independent by building self-confidence, dealing with new situations, and getting along with others. We use a Character Building curriculum to reinforce certain important aspects of their development; like truth-telling, being a good friend, gratefulness, and no bullying.


At Northport Christian Preschool, it is our desire that your child will personally experience a fuller sense of God’s love during their time with us. In our daily Bible time, we utilize the ‘Faith Alive’ curriculum to share God’s word through story and discussion.

KINDERGARTEN Readiness includes:

  • Basic computer skills
  • Parent-teacher conference
  • Interactive Approach to Letter Writing using sand/clay/stix/paint
  • Reading and Math Readiness Curriculum
  • Introduction to Sight Words/Writing Simple Words
  • Prepositional Concepts/Beginning and Ending Sounds
  • Patterns/Rhyming/Letter Writing/ Following Directions/
  • Problem-Solving Exploration/What’s the Same/Different/Cause & Effect
  • Word Games/Make your own Flash Cards
  • Build a Game Board to play at home
  • Science Experiments to explore various skill concepts
  • Foster the LOVE of Learning!


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