Northport Kids


Our nursery facilities are located on the lower level, just below the main lobby. We have separate nurseries for infants (3-15 months) and toddlers (15-27+ months). Mom, if at any time your little one needs to be fed, changed, or needs room to spread out, we have a “Mommy and Me” Infant Nursing Room located on the lower level of the Christian Life Center, directly across from the nursery.  It is equipped with rocking chairs and a changing table.  It also has a closed-circuit TV so you won’t have to miss the service.  Feel free to use this room any time you need it.

Parents who drop off their children are supplied with a pager. Children cannot be retrieved from the children’s area without the pager. If any problem with your child should arise at any time, we will page you in so that you can attend to your child.

Check-in Procedures:
First Service @ 9AM – 8:45-9:15AM check-in
Second Service @ 11 AM – 10:45AM-11:15AM check-in
You will receive a pager so that we can reach you if a need arises.

When the service ends, please promptly go to the nursery to pick up your child. Remember that you will need to return your pager in order for us to release your child.

Sunday School

27 Months – 3 Year Olds

Our two and three year old class allows even the littlest ones to hear about God and to learn about the world around them. It teaches basic truths from the Bible through hands-on activities, animated Bible stories, various related crafts, motion-filled songs, and playtime. We teach children about the love of Jesus and how to get along with others.  This class meets in our preschool building through the right set of doors and begins at the start of each service. After a child turns 27 months, they are promoted into the 2 & 3 year old group. This scheduled promotion occurs three times per year, in January, April, and September.

4 & 5 Year Olds

This class offers a variety of activities including interactive Bible story time, singing, creative crafts, challenging games, and outdoor playtime (weather permitting). The children are taught the truth from the Bible and how they can put it into practice at home and with others.  This class meets in our preschool building through the left set of doors and begins at the start of each service.

→Check-in Procedures: Our 2’s & 3’s and 4’s & 5’s classes meet from the start of each service. Click here to download our drop-off policy. First time visitors will check-in online in the lobby.  Please bring your children to the restroom prior to dropping them off.

Promise Land - 1st Grade through 6th Grade*

In our Sunday School program for elementary students- Promise Land, kids meet friends and get to know God through an exciting time of worship, Bible stories, and small group time. The 3 basic truths emphasized are: I need to make the wise choice, I can trust God no matter what, and I should treat others the way I want to be treated. We encourage parents to commit to one service so that their child can build a relationship with his/her small group leader and circle of friends. We believe there are 5 things that every kid needs to grow spiritually:

  • There’s a really big God
  • Someone else who believes what they believe
  • Another voice that says the same things their parents say
  • Nosy parents who make it their business to know where their kids are spiritually
  • Uncommon sense to help them make wise choices

Check-In Procedures:  Classes for this age group start at the beginning of the service. Sign in in the Children’s area in the lobby to get a name tag.

Middle School

Our Middle School classes are designed to help and encourage teens to explore their faith through Bible study, group discussion, and life application. Young men and women meet separately.