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Parent Cue Blog + App

The Parent Cue blog is just that, a cue to remind you why what you do is so important. To help you focus on what matters most. We’re all in this parenting thing together- you’re not alone. Discover the Parent Cue HERE

Want to get a Godly perspective on raising your kids?

This Christian parenting focused site is for parents of all stages and covers topics like discipline, protection, safety, sexuality, faith, education, blended families, single parenting, adoption, family relationships and more!  Focus on the Family

Have some tough questions that need answering?

You will find Biblical advice on a variety of issues here. Crosswalk Parenting

Ever wonder what PG really means?

Get movie reviews with a Christian perspective.  After all, shouldn’t our decision to see a movie go beyond just the absence of swear words? Find out the message of the movie so that you can make good decisions and ask the right questions afterward.  (Spoiler Alert: This website is not just for kids’ movies – now you can pick your date night flick with confidence too!)  Plugged In

Need support for your marriage and family relationships?

This Christian ministry offers daily, weekly, or monthly newsletters, broadcasts, and other resources. Family Life

Have a question that needs a Biblical answer?

 This Christian website provides Biblically based answers to your questions concerning apologetics, the Bible, children, personal and social issues as well as movie/gaming reviews. Christian Answers

Want to build a strong family?

 This is a Christian ministry committed to uplifting Biblical values to help build strong marriages and families through a variety of resources. Family Talk

How does the Bible impact your worldview?

This ministry seeks to educate Christians about a Biblical worldview while also empowering them to stand strong in their faith and defend the truth in our society. Summit Ministries

For Parents of Teens:

"I’ve wanted to pass along resources I’ve felt are helpful for parents of teens as we are all going through a hard time with being quarantined right now." Pastor Seth



  • Looking to do a family devotional? Our friends at CPYU just made it easier for us to establish a weekly or even daily family devotional time. Check it out Here